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Emerging trend of Eco-friendly construction practices

There is a growing trend of sustainable construction in the civil engineering industry. Sustainable construction can be described as the application of environment-friendly methods and materials in construction work. It also includes the inculcation of construction habits that reduce the harmful impact of construction work on the environment. At the same time, civil engineering standards are also progressively marching towards the goal of sustainable development and environmental safety.



Here is a list of major sustainable construction trends:


1. Use of green and sustainable materials


The use of green and eco-friendly construction materials can be beneficial in achieving the goal of sustainable development. Green materials can be described as the materials that are made using renewable sources, or that can be recycled at the end of their usage cycle. Materials such as mass timber are an excellent solution to the problem of greenhouse gas emission from the production of construction materials. The discharge of greenhouse gasses in the production of mass timber is less than in popular construction materials like concrete and steel.



2. Construction of net-zero energy buildings (NZEB)


Net-zero energy buildings (NZEB) are built with technologies and materials that make them self-sustaining. They are called NZEB because they produce as much energy as they consume. They are strategically designed to harvest energy from renewable sources such as solar, wind and thermal energy to meet their requirements. .


3. Construction waste recycling:

Another emerging trend in sustainable construction is the recycling of construction wastes.

Construction sites involved in demolition, construction or renovation work leave tons of excess materials after project completion.

This waste material is now used as raw material for further construction work. Even elements like concrete are being recycled and reused for construction of roads.



4. Usage of environment-friendly and fuel-efficient equipment


The massive amount of pollution generated by construction equipment is a threat to the environment. Construction companies are now opting for equipment that is environment-friendly and offer higher fuel efficiency. Many equipment manufacturers provide eco-friendly construction equipment that are less polluting.


5. Modular and prefabrication processes


Green measures are adopted in the process of fabrication and modulation during their development and assembly stages. Such frameworks help to reduce construction wastes and eliminate the production of toxic substances during the assembly process.


The growing trend of sustainable construction is a big step towards the goal of environment-friendly development. The adoption of these trends by nations and construction companies is highly beneficial for the environment and for the future of the human race. Adherence to construction equipment standardsand civil engineering standards play a major role in this.


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